Where Tech Meets Wildlife Conservation

StudEx is more than a trading platform that uses blockchain technology, it is an investment platform that places sustainable profits for its farmers and wildlife conservation at the centre. With a tokenized approach to breeding, allowing fractional ownership in a digital token of different animals, StudEx is the pioneering leader in its field.


Conservation platform
to protect endangered animals.

StudEx incorporates various technologies from Genetics and Robotics to Distributed Ledger Technology to maximize profits for its farmers.

1) A union of IoT & Drone technology to combat poaching.

2) Cutting edge genetic research to revive and improve on existing stock.

3) Blockchain technology to ease roadblocks to funding, investment, trading, and securing title to livestock.

About Us

Tokenization Business Model

Through tokenization, the animal is digitally represented in an ERC 721 token. Whoever has this digital representation, owns the physical right of the animal. In this case, the farmer or an authorised party that could prove its ability to breed the animal. If the ERC721 is transferred to a new owner, the new owner has claim over the animal by presenting its digital representation the ERC 721 token. This means the new owner can move the animal to its farm or land.

  • No Animal Trading, Only Protection
  • Encrypted Data
  • Online Protection
  • Immutable Proof of Ownership

Endangered Wildlife Protection using technology

Our mission is to escalate protection and accountability for endangered life from poaching and disease through a highly transparent process powered by state of the art technologies.

  • Leading Internet of Things Technology
  • Drone Enabled Surveillance
  • Increased Breeding of Endangered Animals
  • Blockchain Technology Trading

Blockchain for Wildlife

An essential tool to trace footprints of a unique animal is through the blockchain technology. The immutable public ledger could imprint the unique metadata of an animal to avoid double counting. This increases trust especially for tracking the distribution and collection for fundraising activities.

  • Greater Transparency
  • Improved Liquidity
  • Improved Traceability
  • Increased Efficiency and Speed

Blockchain & IoT Technology


Proceeds from the animal backed token sale will go towards a budget for farmers to acquire IOT devices, expand farm and improve breeding techniques.

*disclaimer: subject to StudEx fees*

  • Behavior tracking allows monitoring of lost animals, health patterns and sick cattle
  • Predictive Data Acquisition
  • Connectivity across multiple fields

Our Partners

The best in the game and they trust us

Proceeds managed by the StudeX foundation.

The distribution of the proceeds will be highly transparent through an immutable public blockchain. Animals will be registered within the foundation while management inventories of wildlife territories are encouraged to adopt best practice to protect and advance protection. 

  • Gamified Representation of the animal
  • Automatic payouts
  • Token value grows
  • Trading of the animal is forbidden, only Gamified version.